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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are a girls best friend as caffine is the working woman's vitamin C. Someone finally brought those two things together in Rubies and Diamonds Tea & Coffee House  on Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood. It's not your typical coffee house as it's bright, coloful and filled with loads of glitz and glamour.

I wasn't quiet sure what to expect but I was game to try something new while enjoying my day off, running errands and enjoying the sunshine---never gets old---I popped into Rubies and Diamonds and was greeted with a smile and a big welcome, come in!

Do you see the chandlier? and the colorful wallpaper and modern art? Told you not your usual coffee-tea spot where the brewing is coming from the coffeemakers. The vibe here is light, relaxed and open. Not over the top dark coffeeshops that I am use to and Starbuck's has tried to recreate on almost every block in every city in America. Rubies and Diamonds is a new take on the modern coffeehouse-where you go with friends to hang out leaving your laptop at home--the next screen play, book or movie deal will have to wait. Which makes it less intimading for folks like myself that want to catch up with friends or in this case meet up with a new one over coffee in between finishing up errands.


Try the Rose and Vanilla Latte with Almond milk---floral, rich and two thumbs up! My friend got an iced coffee that he loved. It smelled great and looked coffee not sludge...Yuck!


At A Glance:


Rubies + Diamonds





Complimentary 90-Minute Parking

Entrance on El Centro Ave. & Sunset

(Next to the Hollywood Palladium)


Fun, Modern + Relaxed

Grab a friend and go!


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