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Chillin' After First 'Chella

Chillin' After First 'Chella

Collect moments, not things

If I live to be a hundred this quote will always be one of my favorites because it speaks to me on some many levels...and I think we can all relate to this idea of having more, be it more clothes, more furniture, more money, more whatever...this quote reminds me to be in the moment and not worry so much about "more" because life is that; many moments and  strung together to make memories.


Lately, my moments have been kind of dull, not as shiny as I had hope for at this stage in life--work being stressful more so than usual, my close friendships feeling rather detached and me feeling held together by a thread I was about the snap. And then I get a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Coachella for the weekend. At first I was going to say "no", but "yes" came out instead and I suddenly excited along with a little worried...would it be fun? Shouldn't I just stay home and rest? I mean I have been so tired I should stay home and rest, right?  I almost called my friend back to take it back but I didn't I started looking at my clothes and thinking of things to take with me...

24hrs. later my friend and I were driving to Palms Springs with clothes, bags and snacks thrown in the backseat we arrived late that first night and settled in looking at each other "like we really made it"and laughing....Lesson 1. Be spontaneous! Spontaneity is the spice of life. It's that extra kick in the palette that makes life so yummy. If I had stopped and thought through going I would have continued to make excuses and/or talked myself out of going for one reason or another. And that would have been a moment lost.

The next day we woke up...we really did make it...now what? Breakfast! French toast was calling us both and we found it at the Farm homey local place with fresh, fun menu. We talked about the line up and who we wanted to see, but we really didn't plan out every minute...Lesson 2. Let go. Like really let go and just go with it (pending) lol...I am really working on this one because I like to plan. But not planning every aspect of the weekend was so relaxing. I didn't have to know everything, make sure everyone knew what was going to happen, I could just relax, discover and enjoy being there. A nice braid helps!

Coachella is filled people, music, games and plenty to do so there was a number of things to choose from Lesson 3. Try something new I just embraced everything around me...with beautiful weather, bands I wanted to see and bands that I never heard of it was all good to just be there and experience for myself was more than I could have asked for.

Lesson 4. Be in the moment. The Coachella app helped but I still saw artists that I've never heard of and they're now on my playlist. Gary Clark, Jr. were have you been all my life?! I have been listening to him and the 1975s, SZU and others since getting back and I love it.

Looking out at the crowd of people I remember thinking this is so not how I thought I would be spending my Saturday and I am glad that I surprised myself by being their and being in the moment with so many people.

Lesson 5. Go with people that you want to get to know better. Celina and I met at work and have become friends outside of the office. She's funny, sassy and sweet which is always fun to be around but I wanted to get to know her better and hopefully have her get to know me better. I think we did...

it's a work in progress but I think it's good when you don't have to edit yourself or be perfect when making a new friend. I think I have done that for most of my life and I am now learning that is not a good way to be friends with people. Let them see you and decide.

Lesson 6. Be okay with being tired kinda goes with #5. I was grumpy and tired by day 2.5 but it was no thang do you and I'll meet you.

And finally Lesson 7. Remember all that Tasha and apply these learnings/re-learnings to you everyday life.

Coachella was fun for me but also a catalyst for to start looking at myself, friendships, and how I am collecting my memories, who I am collecting them with and are they fulfilling. Two weeks later I am still high from Coachella...legally....and I am making sure that I take all of these things into consideration in every part of my life.  I think it's going to be an interesting summer for me to say the least and I really can't wait.




Thank you Beyonce for a tall glass of Lemonade---Refreshing!

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