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Creating Space: Finding Your Home

Getting back in the driver's seat can also mean a short trip to IKEA....well not really but for me it was on my to do list to get my new apartment in order because disorder and clutter makes me feel uncomfortable in many ways. For one, I feel out of place, like I am a visitor in my own place and secondly, it's hard to find any thing making the simplest of tasks frustrating. NOTE: IKEA is not the most relaxing places, but it's great for getting ideas to pulling together your place at a reasonable price.

Looking at the floor model displays gave me inspiration for creating my own space where I can relax and recharge after a long day at work or a fun filled and exhausting day with family and friends. For me I want to make my new apartment feel as homey as my last one, though I am down a a couple of hundred square feet it still has a lot of potential to be just what I imagine. A little cottage.

The planning has been a creative process that I am enjoying exploring with my friend JR aka Queen aka Interior Designer and finding out what my style is in this new space. So far I have found that I want more colorful, feminine pieces instead of my usual Plain Jane hues. I want color to enhance my space, because I am feeling that way in every part of my life. Full of color and light and I want my space to reflect that feeling.


With that change I have been letting go of a lot things (clothes, furniture and countless nick knacks) from the past that I didn't realize I still had until I was moving. I had traveled across country with these things and just threw them in a closet and never really took the time to go through them and say good bye to them when I moved to L.A. six years ago. Then the same thing happened again with my new move, but this time it was different I literally had no extra space to store up all this stuff I had to do a lot of purging. I had to ask myself why was I holding on to this stuff? I mean for six years they sat in a closet and I never thought of them, but on moving day they HAD to come with me. That was a sign I needed to deal with what this stuff was. It was my life in Washington, D.C. I often think of it as the best time in my life. I was happier, more at ease and definitely more fun. I think I felt if I got rid of these things I would somehow loose that feeling and not be able to get it back.

But that's crazy talk. I have full vivid memories, photos and so many saved funny e-mails from my "squad"...I had the OG one way before Taylor Swift...lol it's true. 

My "squad" helped to shape the woman I was in D.C. and over time I think I lost that a little. Which is fine too you can't be the same person you where in you 20s as you are in 30s. Where is the growth, right? 

Pulling the boxes out and going through them was hard, but fun to relive the moments before letting them go so I could make space in my new home as well as in my mind and heart. 

Over the next few weeks I plan on pulling together my design ideas and getting down to work. But what I want to make sure that I don't do is to try and do everything all at once. I want to honor this process of purging and discovering my space. Not everything has to done right this second, I want to live in my space and grow to know it and love it as I did with my previous place. 

Making a space a home takes time and I want to enjoy this time.

Shake it Like a Salt Shaker at Sea Salt Fish Grill

Shake it Like a Salt Shaker at Sea Salt Fish Grill