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D3 Is way better than 1D

D3 Is way better than 1D

Breakfast/Brunch food isn't just for the morning, it's an any time of day kinda thing for me. So when I hear of a place that serves breakfast all day I'm all over it! I heard about D3 a little while ago and wanted to check out their mush talked about biscuit breakfast sandwiches. 

I arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon, good thing because they close at 3:00, and I was able to get boss like parking right in front.

Place your order at the window, I decided to try the Salmon and Egg buscuit sandwich and an Ice Chai Tea Latte. Since I wanted to take in the view I walked in the back and took a seat in the back patio area which is really homey and quiet surrounded by trees.


After sitting down I took out my camera and started to take pictures I really wanted to capture this moment of  peace and quiet after a long week. This year has started off like a rocket in some aspects of my life; so finding monets like this, to reflect on what the pervious week had brought up for me, what has challenged me, how I reacted to those challenges and what does that mean for the week to come. All that over a Salmon and egg buscuit...I know! But it's true.

So, by the time I heard my name called to pick my order I was already beginning to feel better and wanted to focus just on my new prize...which was really good, but I wish it was a little warmer to bring out the flavor of buscuit more.  I think that would have made this great! The Chai Tea Latte was a smooth blend of creamy and spice chai that all chai teas should have.

The vibe at D3 is homey and relaxing a perfect place to take a friend to catch up or to yourself to reflect and recharge.



3329 Division Street

Los Angeles, CA 90065

Open from 7AM-3PM

Walk-up window for breakfast & lunch takeout with dog-friendly patio for al fresco meals.

Welcome to NoLa: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Welcome to NoLa: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Shake it Like a Salt Shaker at Sea Salt Fish Grill

Shake it Like a Salt Shaker at Sea Salt Fish Grill