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Welcome to Wellness Finding it Together

Welcome to Wellness Finding it Together

What does Wellness mean?

Webster's Dictionary defines Wellness as "the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health." We often forget the last part of being in mental health. Mind, Body and Soul really does impact a persons state of wellness. A balance that is often time hard to keep in place with life's contact demands (work, career, family, friends and oh yeah you) competing for your time and attention. Eventually, somethings gotta give and that something is usually our health. That's what this addition to My L.A. Foodlife is all about. Defining and finding Wellness together. Defining what that state is for yourself and finding out what works for yourself to maintain that gentle balance of Mind, Body and Soul. 


So Why Now?

Well to be honest it wasn't a BAM! Wellness kind of moment for me, but more of long road with signs that said, "slow down" "detour ahead" "Careful of potholes" and finally "STOP!" I couldn't ignore that one. I ended up so sick last month.  

For me it started off as a little ache and pain, feeling sluggish and then headaches and sneezing followed by more aches and pains, more sneezing and coughing until I had a HUGE sinus infection on top of strep throat that I needed antibiotics to treat both.  After 10 days of taking antibiotics my strep throat and sinus infection were gone, but my body felt worse than I could remember. I was not bouncing back, in fact I was exhausted, grumpy and annoyed with everything and everyone. Not really like me to be a jerk, but I was! Being sick does affect your mood, being sick for a long period of time totally messes with your outlook on life. And if you know me I hate not being in control of what's happening to me. That was my first challenge regaining control.

Getting back in the Driver's Seat

It is not as easy as it sounds..."getting back in the driver's seat" it sounds very take charge you know. But their is a lot of work that you have to do beforehand. Remember the old saying before you can drive you have to learn to crawl then walk. Same principals apply here. 

I had to examine why I was feeling so off, yes I had been sick, but I was feeling off before I got sick. As I sat and thought about everything that was going on...work was stressful, I had moved into a new place, and I was trying to quit smoking (that's a little secret of mine) I'm a closet smoker....have been for years. Not exactly something I am proud of, but to be honest I loved smoking. It was my time to relax after a long day with a glass of red wine.  Humm... was I missing my relaxation ritual of coming home and having a cigarette and a glass of wine? Was that why I feeling off? With all of the changes happening in my life both personally and professionally no wonder I was missing something familiar. 


Once I started looking at the all of the changes as changes that I had put in motion as oppose to changes that where happening to me it made me feel better...more in control....more like I was ready to begin taking the driver's seat back.


Getting Started

So getting started or starting over sounds way too labor intensive....like where should I even start? That's why I recommend thinking of embracing your Wellness as a marathon rather that a race. Where you envision the long road ahead where you can add "pit stops" along the way as you progress on your journey. Rather than seeing a fast race that you have to finish in seconds. That's not a realistic way to approach finding what works for you.

I would like to share 5 points of Personal Leadership that I learned about during a recent conference-I think they can be applied both personally and professionally. These are not listed in any particular order, so challenge yourself to take one power per-week and track how many times we did not exercise that power and how that effected you.

5-Points of Power

A. Pay Attention-to the choices we make

B. Keep your Agreements-not only with others, but with ourselves as well

C. Speak the Truth-speak the truth to ourselves and others. We can deliver the truth with kindness; not nasty that's a choice

D. Be Accountable- what can we do to create better results

E. Ask for what you want-complaining is not the same as asking for what you want

Together I think we can find and keep that balance to stay in the drivers seat.

Zvoom Zvoom!





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