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Grand Central Market LA: Best Open Market in DTLA

Fighting off a case of May Gray here in LA always makes me want comfort food. I think it's a left over from growing up on the East Coast...winters are long and you stay inside and eat well....you guessed it comfort food...food that warms you up and sticks to your bones...then spring comes along and you may or may not regret indulging but I digress...I am in LA and it's been chilly and grey for most of May and I wanted something warm and lovely. And before you think it my friends no it's not Ramen---but Pasta...yup!

Warm, lovely and yummy as hell Spagetti and Meatballs. Now LA is known for many great things Sushi, Mexican, Thai and of course amazing Burgers and filling Salads but...Italian Non così tanto. Sorry it's the truth but it's not meant to be mean or nasty Italian isn't a SoCal strength so with that I kinda kept my expectations in check and just hope that the pasta sause didn't taste like it's straight outta a can. 

Yelp of course is always a great help...I found Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market right in Grandcental Market in DTLA. The menu looked pretty good with tried and true Italian favorites (i.e. Spagetti and Meatball, Baked Ziti and Chicken Parm) I ordered what I had been craving Spagetti and Meatballs.

While waiting for my order I walked around Grand Central Market a little bit and found a a little wine shop Courage and Craft with a really knowlegable staff that helped me to find a smooth Malbec for under $20. I consider that a steal in DTLA.

Afterwards I picked up my pasta and headed out with both wine and dinner in hand. That's the cool thing about DTLA you can usual get everything you need in one shot on your way home. Sometimes I wish I lived DTLA, but with some of the steepest rents in LA County that might be a dream left unfulfilled. Anyway, with all my prizes in hand I make it home and pour myself a glass of Malbec and grab my pasta

The sauce is rich and favorful, pasta homemade and light and the meatballs are all pork and beef. Solid dish. But Mamma Lucia's Restaurant it is not, but really who can it's an old school Brooklyn, NY staple and my child-hood favorite that was only a few blocks from our apartment. I think it was one of the first places my mom let me walk to on my own it was that close. Anyway I know it's not fair to compare but when you grow up on the East Coast you are kinda spoiled by really good Italian. Knead and Co is good and I would def' be back.

They also have a little marketplace too...check it out!






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