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Ladies that Lunch!

Ladies that Lunch!

Lunch with the ladies is always a good idea...but with it being so busy both personally and professionally it's been hard to schedule any real time....that's why I loved Tuesday's impromptu lunch with two of my favorite peeps. 

We decided to have lunch at one of our favorite places Chichen Itza Restaurant located in the esteemed Mercado la Paloma space where you will find a light and airy open space with other restaurants to choose from and enjoy.

I ordered my favorite dish Tikin xic (center cut basa marinated in lime served on white rice and citrus salad) it works! Wonderful!

My peeps ordered some fab fab dishes as well the Chicken and the Ribs Special both looked as amazing as they tasted :)


 Lunch was as equally filling as our conversation. I always think something magical happens when a group of women get together to share their feelings and thoughts....suddenly your perceived weakness and imperfections are transformed into strengths and our unique beauty. Just being able to have that space for myself to share and hold that space for my friends to do the same was more then I expected to happen on a Tuesday afternoon but I was and still am extremely grateful for that gift. 

Walking out of Mercado la Paloma I felt a little taller, a lot happier and more committed to keeping my promise to have a great week. 

The next time you are feeling a little down or need to talk it out with someone pick up the phone (don't text)and call your best friend or friends and meet up for whatever you have time for:  talk, laugh, cry, let go of whatever is bothering you and move on. It's okay to share your feelings with a trusted friend or group of friends. And also give them an opportunity to share what's been on their minds. The key is that their is no expectation that either one of you will "fix" the issue but you will have been heard and that's a wonderful gift to give and be able to receive.

I can almost promise that your friends were thinking the same thing, but just thought you were too busy!

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