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Reflections: Past Time for a Change

Reflections: Past Time for a Change

Hello everyone-

Normally, I would be posting a photo of an amazing dish from a hot LA spot, but today isn't a normal day and it seemed really disingenuous to pretend that the Orlando mass shooting that claimed the lives of 50 people; injuring 53 others and leaving an entire and country in shock. After reading and listening to news reports I like most of you have been walking through the stages of grief first shock and disbelief, sadness, frustration and finally anger. 

My friend Ted Gideonse captured the feelings and thoughts that so many of us are going through today, please read his post below:

And in that I've noticed how in our collective grief and outrage, so many of us feel the need to demand single interpretations, that we should do one thing and not another, seek one answer and not another. It makes sense; we're feeling extremely intense emotions that don't serve complexity or nuance. But I urge us to think with the word "and" instead of "or." This horrific event can be blamed on hate-filled, anti-gay rhetoric of the American right and the murderous homophobia of ISIS and the NRA/GOP's insistence that anyone should have easy access to automatic weapons and the killer's apparently weak mental health. We can demand gun control and try to prevent home-grown radicalism and help to fight terrorism and work to end the deep homophobia in a large minority of the American people. We can also pray, hold vigils, march, lower flags to half mast, and change our profile pictures, because symbolism matters both in how we process our own emotions and change the discourse and give us the fortitude to make change.

There are of course things no one should do, such as posting a Bible passage blaming the victims, as the despicable lieutenant governor Dan Patrick of Texas did this morning, or congratulating yourself on your Islamophobia, as Trump did. So, in addition to banning automatic weapons and stopping terrorist attacks and being proud and loud about being lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, we need to work the end of the political careers of people like Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Donald Trump.

I hear you Ted and I feel the same way. We need to demand of legislators that they work to change the laws to support strong gun control laws.

How to Be the Change you seek to…..

Register to Vote your voice matters. Use it to elect legislators that reflect your values and use it to hold them accountable.

 Learn who your representatives and Congresspeople are:

Find your Senator

Find your Representative

After you find out who your representatives and Congresspeople are and how to contact them, write them a letter, get your friends and family together, start a petition, with the letter, use it as a platform to get your representatives attention. 

I hope we can all find some peace today, hold each other a liitle closer, be more patient with each other. But tomorrow we must fight until we are all heard.

Thank you,




Keeping it LocoL, Watts

Keeping it LocoL, Watts

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