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Cafe Primo not so Primo

Cafe Primo not so Primo

Stopped by Cafe Primo while waiting to see Tarzan at the Arclight in Hollywood. Let's just say coming to Cafe Primo is like being on a date with a buff hot guy from Tinder but with no personality. I was fooled by the good looks. Cute decor, exposed brick all over, beautifully organized menu and kitchen. There's a big open window that lets the breeze in with a great view of Arclight Hollywood. And can we just take a moment to admire the expose brick and tables? Um, swipe right! 

We got seated on the inside. The tables were so close to each other, I was stuck between the booth and my table the whole time. Is this an arranged marriage?! Didn't know mom, dad, and the extended family will be listening to our conversation. For a first date, Primo, I'll give you brownie points for trying despite your lack of attention to detail. And plus I was trapped so I couldn't leave if I wanted to. 

Let's talk about the food cause it is what's inside that counts. I was looking for something on the menu and ordered the Brown rice bowl with grilled shrimp.


But it didn't come with any sauce like at Fresh Corn Grill. Did you not disclose that in your profile? Mom and dad who's sitting a foot away are also shaking their heads right now.  You already killed it in the looks department, but taste wise... First bite in: hmm not sure what I just ate. Let me try again. Halfway through: still flavorless. So bland. Guess this is not going to work out in the long run. 

Now, I am about hour and a half in. I'm over it and ready to leave. But our server has been MIA this whole time. Never even refilled my water.  Even the extended family member two tables away hears me complaining and leans over to ask how long did it take for our food to come out cause he's been waiting for 30mins already. Shortly after, he just got up and left. I feel you man. 

I get it. You're new and inexperienced. However, get the basics down on how to impress a girl. But I guess I had forgotten that's not the point of Tinder. I'll be switching to the classier Coffee Meets Bagel or maybe the traditionalMatch.com for now. 

Sorry, your so cute , but nope.

Straight Outta New York

Straight Outta New York

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