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Lesson Learned from Wedding Camp

Summer is the season of sun, BBQs, Pool Parties and of course weddings. That’s right each years millions of couples take the big step exchanging their vows in front of family and friends. For me it’s been awhile since I have actually been “in” a wedding…and so much has changed mainly my age. 

So, the last wedding I was in was 2006 I was 26 and a bridesmaid for my friend from High School Lauren. I remembered how exciting it was---being a wedding---I wasn’t a flower girl I was a grown woman and it was all very exciting. But booking my flight to Florida, getting my bridesmaids dress, doing all the running around that the bridal party does it was fun! I mean at 26 what isn’t? Everything is still pretty much an adventure. Still fairly new out of college, starting out your career, living on your own and kicking ass at it, you are full of yourself and lots of energy.

Lauren and Derek's Wedding (St.Petersburgh, FL.)

Lauren and Derek's Wedding (St.Petersburgh, FL.)

Lauren and Derek’s wedding was one of the first wedding from my high school friends and it was fun---almost like a mini reunion with lots of laughter and old jokes. 

Ten years and two beautiful little girls later Lauren and Derek are still going strong and I for one couldn't be happier for them---you give me hope girl.

Now let's come back to the present and tis the season of BBQs, Pool Parties and yes weddings again. My dear friend Ryan from college was getting ready for his turn down the alies with his husband to be Phillip. At 36 years old I was thrilled to be in Ryan's wedding---to stand up for my homie---but at 36 you do not have the same amount of energy and/or patience. If you are like me and my firends you are more established in your career (by accident or not) you have some stress---lots of stress and you have your own suitcase of shit to deal with, but you love your friend and you want to support them so you make the time for the most inportant day of their lives.

Mr. and Mr. Gainey!

Mr. and Mr. Gainey!

Now, though we had some issues on this ride...it still was fun and really moving. To see how happy Ryan was to marry Phillip and to see have far Ryan has come to be able to have this moment made all of our little in fighting fizzle away. Cheers to you guys and I wish you a lifetime of happiness where you collect memories, not just things. Muah!

Lessons for my other 30 somethings and over getting married in the coming summer season:

  • We are no longer "spring chickens" as my mom would say, so think about that...NO manuel labor please.
  • We want to celebrate you, but we also want to spend time with you and each other...as we move around the country, the globe you don't get to see each other as much so make time for us to catch up. Let's relax, get mani/pedi, have dinner, sight see (if you are getting married out of town) make it memorable for everyone.
  • Be real with your friends....if you are anxious or stressed just say so and let's deal with it and move on.
  • No fighting, repeat No fighting! It's a fucking wedding!
  • And finally have fun and breath and that goes for everyone.   

I am sure that my engaged friends reading this might be reconsidering me as part of their wedding party and that's cool...but at least think about these things so that your wedding is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. 



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